Language: English and Italian
Subtitles: Italian
Number of discs: 6

1 4k ultra hd
5 blu-ray
This set Includes
Disc 1 – European Cut (Argento Cut) in 4K
Disc 2 – European Cut (Argento Cut) Bluray
Disc 3 – European Cut (Argento Cut) Bluray in Full Frame.
Disc 4 – US Theatrical Version
Disc 5 – Extended Version (Directors Cut)
Disc 6 – Extras

Product description

the “zombies”, the living dead, have invaded the world. terror is rampant. four survivors, two soldiers and two officials from a television network, seek escape from the helicopter. the lack of fuel, however, forces them to land on the roof of a huge supermarket, overrun with zombies. while the living dead, who feed on human flesh, try to overwhelm them, the four try to create a shelter inside the supermarket.

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