British Quad Poster for Lucio Fulci’s UK cinema release of Zombie Flesh Eaters Printed in England by Broomhead Litho Limited, the poster measures the standard 30″ x 40″
Art by Tom Beauvais.

BEWARE OF REPRINTS ! – Reprints / fake versions of this poster have a red ink splash to the lower right side edge of the image, (same side as the title text) this red spill was never on the original poster – only the reprint / fake.

Tom Beauvais the creator of this artwork says this red splash was not on the original posters, and Alan Broomhead of Broomhead Litho would not have allowed somthing like that to leave his printers.

Country: United Kingdom

Format : British Quad

Zombie Flesh Eaters British Quad Poster

Category: Poster

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